Hardware Upgrades
Your computer can be running as efficient as mobile devices run today

Enjoy reliable support by Kevin R Dillon Computer Solutions

When it comes to getting a faster computer, most normal computer users would think “I need to buy a new computer”, or “it’s slow because there’re too many music, pictures, videos on it and there’s nothing I can do to make it faster”. The fact is that there are many available upgrades and optimisation style products that can help significantly improve your computer speed and still keeping your old faithful - and they’re usually cost-effective, all you have to do is make the call and seek the right advice.

Whether you want your computer to be faster, or to look like new, or to have more free space, it can all be done.

Contact Kevin to find out your options to improve your PC’s performance!

What Kevin can do for you

  • RAM/Memory upgrade
  • Hard drive upgrade
  • CPU/Processor upgrade
  • System optimisation
  • Operating system reinstallation or upgrade
  • Computer case replacement
  • Graphics card upgrade
  • almost anything…


Some of the corporate clients we work with
Keeping business moving with efficient I.T. solutions


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Virus removal
Computer Virus’ are getting far savvier in today’s world, it pays to have support.
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Our qualified laptop repair technician, Kevin R Dillon will perform laptop & notebook repairs.
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If you’ve lost precious files or accidently deleted something, Kevin R Dillon is your solution.
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Your computer can be running as efficient as mobile devices run today..

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