Virus & Spyware Removal
Computer Virus’ are getting far savvier in today’s world, it pays to have support

Install spyware removal coupled with a support plan for year-round computer solutions

Has your computer gotten a virus? If it’s a trojan, popups or an overwhelming amount of spam email, then you need to invest in a wiser solution with Kevin.  Perhaps your computer is just running too slow from all the infections, or turning off without warning?

Trouble logging on to the internet!?
It’s time to call Kevin and upgrade to a more robust computer solution, no-one has time for fixing computer issues today, maximise on your time by running your systems efficiently.

Your computer may have corrupted files, a virus or worse… Spyware! Kevin provides fast and full virus removal and can help you sort the problem today.

Malicious software goes by many names: worms, malware, spyware, viruses, trojans, adware, keystroke loggers, and more. “Virus” is the main term often used to mean all the malicious software. Depending on the circumstances, the best approach might be to wipe the hard disk and re-install Windows or try to recover your Windows Operating System. In most instances our geek, Kevin, will remove the virus or spyware without disrupting system files. And without any data loss.

Contact Kevin today for fast and reliable installation of Virus Protection!

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Virus removal
Computer Virus’ are getting far savvier in today’s world, it pays to have support.
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Our qualified laptop repair technician, Kevin R Dillon will perform laptop & notebook repairs.
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If you’ve lost precious files or accidently deleted something, Kevin R Dillon is your solution.
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Your computer can be running as efficient as mobile devices run today..

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